Happy Father’s day

Published on June 2, 2012

Dia del Padre

Fathers Day is the day to celebrate the contribution that our fathers have made to our lives and everything they do, and have done, to support us. As with many of these ‘Hallmark’ holidays, it is traditional to send cards and give gifts to show our appreciation. So what kind of gift does a father want? And why is it different from any other gift? As a father of three, I think I speak for many fathers when I say that the greatest gift a dad can receive is to spend time with their children. When the kids are young, they have no money to buy a gift, so it is the thought that counts – the home made Fathers Day cards, the hand-crafted gifts, the big sloppy kisses. And, as they get older, it’s spending time together, whether playing golf, throwing a football, or just having a drink together. Come to Mi Ranchito To celebrate Father’s day.


Chicken Dishes

Delicious Juicy and Fresh Chicken Strips Served with Rice, Beans, Cole Slaw and 3 tortillas.

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Our dishes come with Rice, Beans, Cole Slaw and 3 tortillas or American Style with Salad and French Fries.

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and for that Demanding Taste, we serve Our Seafood With Rice, Beans, Cole Slaw and 3 Tortillas.